Who needs therapy?
Everybody!  We all have someone in our life that we turn to when we need some advice on a problem or situation.  A more precise question is when do I need to seek the help of a professional therapist?  Life will inevitably throw problems our way.  The manner in which we deal with those problems will be influenced by our experiences in life.  Sometimes our experiences leave us well equipped to deal with problems, at other times we may need additional tools to help us out.  At such point in life it would be well worth considering getting those tools from a therapist.

You mention that you are a Catholic therapist, does this mean that you are going to try to make me Catholic?
No, I will not try to make you a Catholic or a Christian.  God is the only one who calls people to faith in Him.  My purpose in letting you know my faith background is the same as why I let you know my educational and professional background.  That purpose is to inform you of who I am and what I am about.

Why do you charge for therapy?
It surprises me how often I receive calls with this question.  Can you imagine driving up to the gas station and asking, “Why do you charge for gas?”  Or, how about you show up to work and your boss ask you, “Why do you charge for the work you do for me?”

How long do I have to be in therapy?
There is no “black and white” answer to this question.  There are many variables involved – severity of the problem, dedication of the client to treatment goals, consistency in application of strategies – to be able to give an answer.  However, you can expect therapy to start off on a weekly basis – maybe even bi-weekly – and then spread out to twice or once a month depending on the progress of the client. You must learn to walk before you can run.

Is there something wrong with me if I need therapy? (Am I crazy?)
Many people have the misconception that if they need help in dealing with certain problems then they must be going insane.  I would ask those people, “If you had a broken leg and needed assistance from a doctor with that problem, does that mean you’re insane?”  The fact is that we make the assumption that we can handle anything life throws our way.  Doesn’t an athlete training for the Olympics need the help of a coach, a trainer, a nutritionist?  Of course.  We also, at times, need help from someone that sees the problem from a different perspective and thereby give us some direction.

Is therapy painful?
Therapy requires effort and hard work: at times it may be painful.  When those inquiring about therapy hear this, they are often discouraged.  The reality of the matter is that healing sometimes causes pain.  Setting a broken bone is painful but necessary for healing.  Removing a bad tooth is painful but necessary for healing. There are many such cases and no one would deny the benefits to come; that’s how it is with therapy.